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'Work It Out' Fitness Assessment

The ‘Work It Out’ fitness assessment is an appointment with an Exercise Physiologist who will evaluate your current fitness level and make fitness recommendations based upon the results of the data collected during the appointment.

This confidential, FREE service is available to all PEIA Preferred Provider Benefit or Health Plan members, age 18 and older. 

The appointment will last approximately 45 minutes and includes a review of your healthy history and current medications and the following assessments:

Blood pressure
Resting heart rate 
Body composition analysis 
Waist circumference measurement
Cardiopulmonary (aerobic) fitness test
Measurements of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility

The Exercise Physiologist will explain the results and make custom recommendations based upon your assessment results and fitness goals.

Please plan to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes for the exercise testing and bring a list of current medications.

Worksite Wellness Coordinators may schedule this offering at their worksite by contacting PEIA Health Promotion Consultant Charity Duvert at 304.638.7457.

Employees must seek supervisor approval to attend events that occur during their work hours. Employees should be granted a reasonable amount of work release time to attend events and are not required to charge annual leave for attendance. Supervisors should adjust time cards accordingly for events attended by an employee during the meal break time.