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PEIA Wellness Programs

The Pathways to Wellness program can provide wellness programs at the worksite. Program options and availability will depend upon your insurance coverage and your worksite wellness coordinator

Premium Discount Programs

Tobacco-Free Discount

PEIA Fitness Center Discount Program

Participating fitness centers across the region will waive the joining fee and give 10% off the monthly fee to new members who are insured by PEIA. Some locations will offer one free personal training session or five day passes in lieu of the 10% off monthly membership fee. There may be a waiting period if the fitness center wishes to have your PEIA insurance verified. 

Visit Pathways to Wellness for a listing of participating locations.

Care Management Programs

Face-to-Face Diabetes Management Program
Weight Management Program
Sleep Management Services
Hemophilia Program

PEIA Health Promotion Consultants

A complete listing of PEIA Regional Health Promotion Consultants.